My journey from athlete to advocate
I am a native of Troy, NY and as a child was involved in many activities from dance, gymnastics, and figure skating, to soccer and horseback riding. The combination of all these physically demanding athletics led to my first trip to the physical therapist at the ripe age of 11. Since then I have been intrigued by how the human body works.

In 2005 I graduated from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts with a Bachelors degree in Biology, and went on to earn a Masters degree in Kinesiology from A.T. Still University Arizona School of Health Science. During my graduate studies a course in rehabilitative exercise piqued my interest and led to me pursuing several post-grad certifications including ACE Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, AFPA Post-Rehabilitative Exercise Specialist, and Functional Movement Screen Level I.

While all this knowledge gave me an incredible foundation to begin a career in functional movement assessment and corrective exercise, it wasn’t until 2015 when I discovered NeuroKinetic Therapy that the full potential of my skills as a rehab therapist were realized. Implementing NKT  into my practice had an immediate and dramatic impact on what my clients could achieve, and how they could achieve it. In May of 2017 I became a Level II Certified NKT Practitioner and started my own practice.

Later that year I also began training in another modality known as the Voila Method. Voila furthers the mind-body connection through structural joint balancing, and allows the client to play an active role in their assessment and treatment. The Voila Method allows the practitioner to reveal the deepest root cause of pain, restore structural alignment, and balance the physical and emotional, allowing the body to function as optimally as possible.

Most recently I attended a lymphatic seminar taught by Dr. Perry Nickelston, DC, NKT, FMS, SFMA (Stop Chasing Pain, Functional Health Solutions) which emphasized the vital role a healthy and functional lymphatic system plays in reducing chronic pain symptoms, and the impact it has on the body as a whole. 

As a Kinesiologist I strive not only to get clients out of pain quickly and efficiently, but educate them on body mechanics, ergonomics, postural habits, and environmental factors that can influence how their bodies function.

Common Conditions Treated

Whiplash, Concussion, TMJ, Arthritis, Chronic Headaches/Migraines, Breathing Dysfunctions, Sinusitis/Allergies, Carpal Tunnel, Tennis and Golfers Elbow, Joint Pain/Limited Range of Motion, Muscle Strains and Sprains, Repetitive Stress Injuries, Postural Dysfunctions, Walking/Running Gait Imbalance, Plantar Fasciitis, Emotional Trauma/Stress, Lymphedema, Neuropathy, Visuo-vestibular rehab, and more!


Initial Consultation


$50 Deposit Upon Scheduling
Remaining Balance Due at Time of Service

Full-body assessment of structural joint alignment, neuromuscular function, and chakra balancing.



Payment Due at Time of Service

Complete full-body re-evaluation to address current symptoms and assess client's progress.

Yoga Therapy 


Payment Due at Time of Service

Full chakra assessment followed by a tailor-made yoga session.

One-on-one Training

$60 - 30 min session
$100 - 60 min sesion

Payment Due at Time of Service

Full body assessment and custom-designed training program to improve mobility, stability, strength, and overall wellbeing.

Late Cancellation/No-Show Fee

 Current clients who cancel with less that 24 hours notice or no show for a scheduled appointment will be charged the FULL amount for the scheduled service. Invoices are to be paid within 48 hours, with a late payment fee of 10% per day past due. Invoices left unpaid after 30 days will be sent to debt collections and you will be permanantly discharged from the practice.